You are capable of so much more than you usually give yourself credit for; dig deeper and discover your physical and mental capabilities!

Sonya: Personal Trainer Kansas CityMy interest in fitness did not come about until later in my adult life when trying to overcome my own weight-loss struggles.  Through my fitness and weight loss journey, I discovered there were were many versions of fitness and weight-loss “how to’s”.  This notion lead me to a mission of self-studies on fitness and weight-loss, hiring a personal trainer, and then becoming a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) myself through National Exercise Training Association (NETA).  I now LOVE FITNESS and love trying out different fitness programs (which helps me with boredom and to challenge myself), but most of all, I love the great impact it has on the physical and physiological aspects of the body and mind.  Personal training and wellness/fitness coaching is more than a job to me; it is my dearest passion.  Nothing satisfies me more than helping people discover their abilities for themselves!!

Having experienced fitness and weight-loss struggles myself, I have the insight to understand and relate to the obstacles my clients may face.  During over 13 years in practice, I have helped numerous clients enhance their abilities to reach their fitness and weight-loss goals. I guarantee  every committed client I have worked with has achieved results that far surpassed their initial expectations!

I deliver high-impact, results-oriented coaching and personal training. I specialize in building healthy lifestyles, sustainable weight-loss, customized fitness programs, positive psychology and emotional awareness.

I am not saying that everyone needs a trainer or coach, although it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Many people lack the support, planning and accountability it takes to move forward; this is when having me as your trainer/coach will be of value to you.

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