donj 2014Jake is an amazing and well educated trainer. I have trained with him just shy of a year. He created goals and established a benchmark as to my individual fitness level and developed distinct training programs that focused on every aspect of physical fitness including all muscle groups in the upper and lower body, cardio training, core, strength, balance flexibility, etc.

Jake rotates his workouts to ensure complete fitness and variety. His passion, knowledge of physical fitness and most importantly technique (which is paramount for short and long term injury avoidance) is extremely impressive. He is constantly encouraging while challenging you to accomplish well executed exercise routines. Jake’s attention is always focused on his client during the workout. He counts every rep and ensures that your form and positioning for each exercise is exact to gain the most benefit and to ensure complete muscle utilization.

Kansas City Personal Training: Don BeforeWhen I began working out with MJ Fitness, I was the prototypical office employee that was overweight, lacked strength and was in poor cardio health. With a healthy diet and a total body workout regimen, I was able to successfully lose weight, increase my endurance and energy level, improve my overall mood and productivity, and add muscle mass. Due to the positive results, I gained the confidence to enter my first Triathlon in May 2012. Jake challenged my eating habits and exercise regimen and supported me in accomplishing my goal. It was one of my most gratifying events crossing the finish line! I would highly recommend Jake as a personal trainer for anyone who wants a trainer that is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and cares about their client’s physical fitness.

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