MJ Fitness Kansas City: SteveMJ Fitness is great! The facility is top-notch. They have all of the resistance- and cardiovascular-training equipment that you could want and need and the gym is clean and spacious. But the most important part of MJ Fitness is the quality of their people. I’ve worked with other, highly-qualified personal trainers in the past, and what sets the MJ Fitness team apart is the personal connection they make with their clients and their caring, partnering approach to helping their clients achieve their fitness goals.

Personal Training: Steve Hann

I was in a pretty bad state physically and emotionally when I began training with Shelley in April 2011 and she provided just the right amount and style of motivation I needed along with a lot of positive encouragement and some “TLC” to help keep me going. And as I got stronger, I transitioned to working with Jake and I can’t say enough about how enjoyable and helpful it has been to workout with him. They are your trainers, but they truly become your friends, also, and they’re personally committed to and invested in your success without being overbearing. It’s a wonderful balance.

Kansas City Personal Training: Steve AfterWhatever your fitness goals, and wherever you are in terms of your physical condition, Shelley, Jake, Ryan, or any of the other MJ Fitness trainers, will develop a training program for you that is personally tailored and challenging (if it isn’t going to challenge you, it isn’t going to change you) without being overwhelming to the point that you can’t continue. Make no mistake. There is no “magic pill” for physical fitness. And you have to do the work in, and very importantly outside of, the gym. But the trainers at MJ Fitness will work with you as true partners and friends on your journey to a better, healthier, more physically and emotionally fit life.


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