I started with MJ in the fall of 2010 after a number of my co-workers trained with Shelley and were so excited about her energy and the fabulous workout they were getting. I knew from my first session with Shelley that she was someone who could motivate whomever she trained and that she truly cared about me. When Shelley went on vacation in early 2011, I started training with he son, Jake, who was finishing his college degree. I continued training with Jake and have done so for over a year and a half. Jake is a wonderful person and superb trainer. My training is 100% focused on my goals and my body. I have seen so many changes in my body and how I look in my clothing and, more importantly, how strong I am physically and emotionally. Jake has also helped me with some long-standing weight loss goals, including attaining a weight that I have not seen for almost 18 years. Jake and Shelley are like family to me and the whole experience at MJ is comfortable with individuals at all stages of fitness, it really is about health and happiness at MJ! I know that they are focused on me and so accommodating to my schedule when things get crazy. We are true partners, and they also have excellent pricing, including some longer-term packages for those of us who will be working out with MJ in the years to come!


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